Sponsorship programme

Gassco wants to contribute to the local community, and its sponsorship programme aims to back positive activities which create value for its immediate surroundings.

Support is accordingly given to organisations and events in the Haugaland region around the town of Haugesund north of Stavanger. Gassco has its head office in this area. Gassco provides only limited assistance to activities outside this local region, and gives no support to political or religious organisations. 


Åkra IL
Organising sports activities in the local community of Åkra on the island of Karmøy.

Haugesund Turnforening
The biggest sports association in the Haugesund area.

Sportsklubben Haugar
A local football club in Haugesund.

Sildajazzen (the Herring Jazz Festival) is Haugaland’s largest cultural event, and one of the biggest of its kind in Norway. First staged in 1987, it attracts some 50 000 visitors in mid-August. Gassco is a principal sponsor.

Skudefestivalen is Norway's biggest coastal culture festival and takes place in beautiful Skudesneshavn on Karmøy. The festival is characterised by lively street life, concerts and a wealth of activities.

Rong Brass
Rong Brass is a brass band from Rong in Øygarden, north of Bergen.