Caring for people

We contribute to society through employment, technology and expertise development, sponsorship and other value-creating initiatives. To maintain a good working environment, we have an active welfare committee, and a single standard applies for employee safety – One Gassco.

Viewed overall, we have just one main job – securing energy supplies. And only a single standard applies for our safety work – One Gassco. This is our HSE culture programme, and all our employees act in accordance with it every single day. It covers every single employee, regardless of the department or country they work in.

We conduct monitoring activities to verify our reporting culture as well as our ability to learn from and share incidents internally. We do the same in the transport system, but related then to maintenance management, technical integrity and risk-based management.

People are society’s most important resource. To increase interest in and knowledge of science and technology subjects, we collaborate closely with various educational institutions.

We believe in a positive interaction with local communities and companies, where a meaningful daily life is created for those around us. We therefore support many different teams, organisations and events within culture and sport.

We aim to provide a good mental and physical working environment for all our employees. Social, cultural and sporting activities are organised for them by our welfare committee.

We also make provision for flexible working hours, and organise out-of-school programmes for the children of employees in connection with collective planning days.