Emergency preparedness

Safety has top priority in Gassco. We accordingly work systematically with emergency preparedness and security for pipelines and plants.

Pursuant to the requirements of Norway’s Petroleum Activities Act, we must maintain effective emergency preparedness at all times with a view to responding to all conceivable hazards and accidents.

Our emergency response organisation builds on close collaboration with Statoil and other service providers, government agencies and the emergency services. Its expertise is maintained by continuous training and drills.

Equinor and we have published a safety and emergency preparedness brochure to provide information for locals along the pipeline routes in northern Rogaland country.

Telephone warning system
The system of emergency notification for locals living along the pipeline routes helps to enhance their sense of security.

Chances for leaks or accidents related to gas transport through a pipeline system are small. Should an incident nevertheless occur, Equinor and we have joined forces with the police and fire brigade to implement a telephone warning system for rapidly contacting the local population.