HSE & Q policy

Gassco’s philosophy is zero harm to people, the environment and material assets.

This view is based on a conviction that all harm can be prevented by systematic and purposeful HSE&Q work.

The company will accordingly give priority to the following areas:

Occupational health: We will have a working environment which stimulates creativity, efficiency and job satisfaction, and which prevents work related illness.

Safety: Our target is zero accidents and no harm to people, the environment and material assets.

Environmental protection: We will operate our business to avoid harm to the environment and in compliance with the principles of sustainable development.

Quality: Our corporate governance shall focus on efficiency, compliance and continous improvement.

The company’s management system covers such aspects as reporting, investigation and follow-up of incidents and non-conformities. This is important for achieving continuous improvement in the HSE&Q area.

Gassco HSE award
Gassco wants to focus on positive, innovative thinking within HSE and on a long term approach in this area. To encourage this the company has instituted an annual HSE award. It can be awarded to a person or group of people making an outstanding contribution to HSE Gassco's area of operator responsibility.