Corporate social responsibility

Global climate challenges are a common responsibility. Gassco is playing its part in meeting global climate challenges.

As the operator for major gas processing plants, Gassco uses the best available technology and strives to exploit energy as efficiently as possible.

The company is also part of the international system for carbon emission allowances.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integrated part of the company’s organisational culture, strategy, operational activities and ethical conduct towards the world at large. The company’s ethical guidelines conform with the UN’s Global Compact and the OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies. Gassco exercises its CSR in part through support for clubs and organisations in the region where its head office is located and in other local communities in which the company pursues activities. Culture and sport are Gassco’s selected areas for collaboration, and particular emphasis is given to supporting activities and measures for children and young people.

Gassco’s tendering process clarifies whether the supplier has established its own policy and guidelines for CSR, and whether it has been involved in incidents related to corruption, child labour or breaches of human rights or the rights of employees to unionise. Information on such matters is obtained from the suppliers themselves, from internet searches and from Achilles. Possible conditions uncovered will be significant in qualifying the supplier for participation in the tendering process.