40 Years of Norwegian Gas

On September 7, 2017 we celebrate 40 years safe and secure gas supply from the Norwegian continental shelf to Germany

Norwegian gas was landed in Germany on 8th September 1977 for the first time, and this was the start of the Norwegian gas adventure. In 2016 more than 40% of the gas supplied from the transport network was delivered to terminals in Germany. For 40 years, gas deliveries from Norway have played an important role in securing European energy demands. Natural gas will also stay a major energy source in times of energy transition. On the occasion of Norpipe’s 40th anniversary, Gassco has the pleasure of inviting you to attend an energy seminar with dinner in Emden, Germany.

Topics: How is natural gas contributing to the required energy transition?
Historic and future perspective of the Norwegian continental shelf.
Security of demand from the european and German perspective.

Speakers: Frode Leversund, Gassco. Johann Saathoff, Member of the German Parliament. Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen, Norwegian Oil and Gas. Tudor Constantinescu, European Commission. Ruth Brand-Schock, ENERCON. Kjell Agnar Dragvik, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Sven Steinigeweg, University of Applied Sciences Emden-Leer. Michael Riechel, DVGW.

Venue: University of Applied Sciences, Emden/Leer Room T149. Address: Constantiapl 4, 26723 Emden. Date: 7th September. Seminar from 12.30-17.00. Program starts at 13.00. Dinner at 18.00

Speeches during dinner

Opening Mimi K. Berdal, Chairman of the Gassco board
"Takk for maten" Dr. Torsten Slink, Managing Director, Chamber of commerce and industry East Frisia and Papenburg

 Presentations available for download

Reflection on 40 years successful gas deliveries Frode Leversund, CEO Gassco AS
Political energy picture / industry in Norway Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen, NOROG
Perspective on the changing European energy landscape Tudor Constantinescu, Principal Advisor to the Director General, Directorate General for Energy, EU Commission
The role of wind energy in the energy change Dr. Ruth Brand-Schock, Enercon
Secure deliveries from Norway Kjell Agnar Dragvik, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
Flexibility in power supply through Power-to-X Prof. Dr. Sven Steinigeweg, University of Applied Science Emden/Leer


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