Improved monitoring of gas pipelines

Good tools are crucial for secure and efficient transport of gas to continental Europe and the UK. Back row from left: Ola Rinde, Willy Postvoll and Dagfinn Hansen. Seated in front: Ida Hatløy Kvilhaug.

The recent introduction of new gas transport models mean staffer Ida Hatløy Kvilhaug in the Gassco control room at Bygnes can work even more efficiently.

“Improved monitoring of the gas stream in multiphase-flow pipelines will make the working day easier for personnel in the control room,” explains project manager Dagfinn Hansen.

“We’ve devoted much effort to making the new models as user-friendly as possible. Daily multiphase follow-up is more efficient – and that benefits customers in Europe and the UK.”

The Troll, Kvitebjørn and Valemon pipelines all involve multiphase flow – in other words, they carry both gas and liquid simultaneously.

Based on the same software as normal single-phase pipelines containing only gas, the new multiphase models are well integrated in a user-friendly interface.

The next step is to adapt functions which provide even better simulation of multiphase pipeline operation, with delivery of these scheduled for the spring of 2016.