Nyhamna processing plant

The processing plant at Nyhamna in Aukra local authority, which forms part of Møre og Romsdal county in western Norway, became operational in 2007.

It was originally built as the land facility for processing and exporting gas brought in by pipeline from the Ormen Lange field in the Norwegian Sea.

Aasta Hansteen will be the second development connected to Nyhamna. After extensive upgrading, the plant can now process gas from other Norwegian Sea fields tied into the Polarled pipeline.

Export capacity from Nyhamna is currently 84 million standard cubic metres of gas per day. The facility is owned by the Nyhamna joint venture, which embraced the following companies at September 2018: Equior, Petoro, Shell, Ineo, Wintershall, OMV, Total, ConocoPhillips, CapeOmega and North Sea Infrastructure.

Shell serves as the technical service provider (TSP) for the Nyhamna process plant. Gassco is operator for the facility.