Åsgard transport

The pipeline carrying rich gas from the Åsgard field in the Norwegian Sea to Kårstø north of Stavanger.

This previously belonged to the Åsgard Transport joint venture. Gas production from the Åsgard field formed the basis for the pipeline system. Flexible risers from the floating Åsgard B gas platform tie into an export riser base on the seabed, which forms the starting point for the 42-inch Åsgard Transport line.

The technically advanced riser base also provides launching facilities for pigs used either to clean the line internally or to inspect its condition. Pipelines from the Norne Heidrun and Draugen fields are tied into Åsgard.

A new export line from Kristin was tied in when this field came into operation in 2005.

Åsgard Transport became operational in 2000.

From: Åsgard
To: Kårstø
Length: 707 km
Diameter: 42"
Available technical capacity (ATC)*: 70 MSm3/d
Technical Service Provider (TSP): Statoil
Operator: Gassco
Gassled: Area B

* ATC (Available Technical Capacity) is rounded to the nearest whole number [MSm³/d]. The actual transport capacity, available for potential users of these pipelines, could be influenced by pressure dependencies between different pipelines, temperature, gas quality, operational constraints etc.