Capacity management

In its role as capacity allocator, Gassco is required to provide access to the gas transport system on objective and transparent terms.

The company's task is to administer the capacity available at any given time in the pipeline system and at the process plants.

Tariff areas


This involves allocating infrastructure capacity to shippers in a transparent, fair and equitable manner, and in compliance with an agreed set of rules.

Twice a year, Gassco holds bookingrounds in which shippers can request spare capacity in the transport system for the medium and long terms. Prior to the rounds, the company collects data which form the basis for estimating transport capacity requirements.

Gassco also handles daily requests from shippers for additional capacity when and if this is available.

For Terms and conditions for allocating capacity, please see our Transport agreements.

Secondary capacity market
Gassco operates the online secondary capacity market.

Shippers are invoiced for the capacity they have booked in accordance with the tariff regulations.

Please contact Gassco if you have questions relating to booking or the application:

Phone: +47 52 81 25 00

Please visit lovdata. for more information regarding tariffs (in Norwegian only).