Visual identity

The Gassco logo symbolises several aspects of our business.

The arrow stands for direction, development, transport, vitality and energy – five important values for the company and its personnel.The green and blue colours indicate that Gassco operates transport facilities both on land and at sea.

Primary logo (colour)
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Primary logo (black and white)
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Alternativ 1 - eps eller jpg
Alternativ 2 - eps eller jpg
Alternativ 3 - eps eller jpg
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Using the logo
When reproducing the Gassco logo, please observe these simple guidelines.

Gassco’s logo comprises both the arrow symbol and the letters "GASSCO". These two components belong together and must NEVER be used separately.

Primary logo and alternative logo
As a rule the primary logo should always be used whenever possible. The alternative logos can be used when the primary logo for some reason doesn't fit the purpose.

The negative logo can be used when the situation demands it. For example on a black background.