Gassco celebrates its 20th anniversary

Gassco celebrates its 20th anniversary

Picture: Frode Leversund, President & CEO

On 14 May, 20 years will have passed since Gassco was established by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

Its mandate was to be an autonomous company with responsibility for gas transport on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS), and to be independent and neutral in relation to all users of its system.

Gassco’s history is a tale of two fantastic decades, with attention concentrated on health, safety and the environment (HSE), security of supply and reliability of gas deliveries to Europe.


“The milestones have been many, with constant expansion of the system and growth in deliveries,” says Gassco CEO Frode Leversund. “Since we took over as operator, we have delivered no less than 1968 billion standard cubic metres of natural gas to continental Europe and the UK through our unique integrated transport system.”

Leversund says that he is proud the company has delivered gas in a safe way with high regularity and the right quality over all these years.

“Through good collaboration with gas sellers and owners as well as the government, we have contributed to huge value creation from our natural resources – something which has benefited the whole country.”

Look forward

“Anniversaries like this are an opportunity to look forward,” he observes. “Nobody can rest on their earlier achievements. A new energy landscape is now on the threshold, and we’re ready to handle both the challenges and the opportunities this involves.”

He notes that Gassco’s vision is securing energy supply through sustainable development and activities.

”We’re well positioned to maintain and further develop our competitiveness, and we possess a unique and integrated value-chain expertise which will be crucial in the future.

”I’m in no doubt that the next 20 years will be at least as exciting and eventful as the 20 which have passed.”