Proximity and crossings

Performing work near Gassco operated offshore pipelines

1. Introduction

Performing work within 2 nautical miles of our subsea infrastructure requires interaction with Gassco in order to regulate and co-ordinate such work. Such activities include, but are not limited to:

  • installation of anchors and anchor lines
  • laying of cables or pipelines
  • installation of subsea equipment
  • other activities which may create a hazard to our facilities

If the work is closer than 2 nautical miles from the pipeline, Gassco may require a formal agreement to regulate the interaction and responsibilities and liabilities between the parties. A formal agreement will always be required if the work is closer than 500 meters from the pipeline, If the work is farther away than 500 meters, but closer than 2 nautical miles, and may represent a risk to the pipeline (such as anchoring), Gassco will assess the need for an agreement.

In cases where an agreement is required, Gassco, on behalf of the affected pipeline owners, enters into Crossing Agreements and Proximity Agreements based on the standard for such agreements developed by the industry association Norwegian oil and gas (Norsk olje og gass).

The standard agreements are found here:

Please note: Only minor non-material adjustments to the standard agreements may be accepted.

2. Procedure

Further the following procedure will apply:

Step 1: Entering into an agreement with Gassco

Prior to commencing work on technical issues, Gassco requires that a Crossing or Proximity Agreement (as applicable) is entered into. As part of this process Gassco will assess inter alia the financial strength of the counter-party and may require co-signature or guarantee from a Parent Company for your contractual obligations.

Gassco will further require documentation of the insurance scheme being compliant with the requirements of the agreement.

In preparation for entering into the agreement, we expect Appendix B and C to be drafted by you in line with the description in the standard agreement(s). Appendix C is expected to be a high-level description of the Laying/Proximity Operation (1-2 pages) and in compliance with Gassco’s technical requirements (see below).

Step 2: Technical details

When an agreement has been signed the technical dialogue with Gassco may commence.

Prior to this, please familiarise yourself with Gassco’s technical requirements as applicable:

Should you want to deviate from these requirements, Gassco will expect that you acquire an independent verification from a technical expert of your proposed solution, to verify that there is no increased risk for Gassco.

3. Cost

Gassco requires to be reimbursed for its work with third party activities (unless the workload is negligible, e.g. where all contractual and technical requirements are adhered to). Moreover, for the purpose of assessing technical solutions, procedures etc, Gassco may decide to engage, at the Third Party’s cost, technical consultants to carry out certain assessments or verifications (e.g. for challenging technical issues).

Gassco will require a purchase order (PO) from your company authorising us to invoice internal hours spent in relation to your enquiry at the applicable Gassco hourly rate (as determined from time to time), as well as any costs associated with necessary consultations with technical experts. The abovementioned PO shall strictly adhere to the template found here, without any further terms and conditions.

Please note that we will only continue to process your request in relation to the planned work or provide any answer to any questions you may have, when we have received a duly signed PO authorising us to invoice you for internal hours and external costs in relation to your enquiry, as described above.

4. Confidentiality agreement

In the rare event that you need to request data from Gassco prior to entering into an agreement, you will be expected to sign up to the Gassco standard confidentiality agreement for access to such data.


Please use the contact form below to make initial contact with Gassco in relation to any activities set out above.